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Cedar Rapids Haunted Houses

All of the spooky information you'll need!

Alright, just admit it. You are so very tired of the same old same old when you visit a haunted house. You want to find a place that takes the idea of fright to the next level. No more actors just popping up from hidden areas or from around corners, but true spine tingling terror. Well, if this is what you truly desire, what you need to seek out is what some call the extreme interactive haunted venue. So, with this in mind, what we urge you to look for in the Cedar Rapids area is an experience that is designed to terrorize and traumatize you to your very core. The goal here is to find yourself running away screaming your head off. We have a few suggestions in this department so by all means read on.

One of the things that you absolutely must look for in your Halloween experience this year is a venue that relies on darkness to completely disorient you. Combine this with the option to sign a waver where you allow yourself to be stripped half-naked, bound and gagged, and completely horrified by unrecognizable creatures and you have a really good start. Also, instead of going through a haunted venue with hundreds of other visitors, try and look for an experience where they do a really good job of spacing out people. So, for instance, it would be great if you truly felt isolated with you and only a few of your friends going through at a time. Keep in mind that being truly terrified is about much more than just the physical. If you are truly looking to be taxed in every way, you need to look for a venue that is mentally unnerving. Psychological fear is some of the most powerful that you can possibly experience. To take it to the next level, some places provide personalized attention by calling out patrons' names.

You need to gauge how much emotional torture you can take, but if you feel that you are up to the challenge, there are haunted houses where your experience is designed to last over 4 hours. Keep in mind that most people can't last that long and they will be screaming out the safe word before long in order to release them to wallow in their emotional shambles. There can be a true psychology to a good scare. So, when you are subjected to claustrophobia, needles, electric shocks you will be broken down in more ways than one.

To bring yourself to tears, there are venues that use live animals. For instance, look for an experience where something like a live tarantula is placed on your face and crawls around for awhile. If that doesn't bring you to tears, we truly don't know what would. The physical aspect is very important to many patrons and you need to decide whether it is to you or not. There are venues where patrons are bombarded with profanity, violent situations and frequent touching. Taking the physical to a completely new level calls for stripping down to your underwear. When you are forced to strip off all of your layers of protection except one, you will feel vulnerable in the worst way. This makes your experience much more intrusive and personal and intense. Talk about exploitation. Add to this the whole sensation of feeling totally trapped and you have some of the best possible situations created to scare your guts out. Don't forget what your goal is as you seek out a great Halloween experience. If you come out of the venue and have to pay down in the fetal position, you will have chosen well.

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